ENDA Scare Tactics In Texas


What if your child's teacher wasn’t who she says she is?

Despite protests from parents, administrators in Lumberton, Texas reinstated a fifth grade substitute teacher who was suspended after it was found out that she was actually a he.

Why did administrators ignore parents concerns for the wellbeing of their children -- even though Texas does not include gender identity in the state"s list of protected classes?

Because the school district feared a complaint and lawsuit from the Obama Administration's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that would force them to make transgender a protected class.

The Obama EEOC has forced an end-run on the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), choosing to enforce it by fiat and regulations that even the EEOC"s Commissioner and author of ENDA Chai Feldblum fears will be overturned by courts.

Still, Feldblum... [said] courts could reject EEOC's interpretation of the law. (Washington Blade, 4/9/14)

Now more than ever we need to stand up and fight against an imperial Presidency in Washington that bullies localities into its worldview with legal and regulatory threats and usurps the power of Congress.

The Obama Administration is putting the "gender identity" of she-males before the well being of our children. Students should not be forced into an environment where they are coerced to accept or affirm a teacher's gender identity issues.