When "Good Speech" Meets Free Speech, Christians Lose

Pastor Louie Giglio learns the hard way about freedom of speech under the Obama administration... or more accurately, how dissent is silenced in the new America:

The president should be grateful for that exit; it was so deft a dive that it made barely a splash outside the Evangelical sphere, but the fact that he had to dive at all, and the subsequent apparatchikian remarks of the Inaugural Committee spokesperson should make make everyone clutch their shawls a bit tighter against the chill:

...and as Elizabeth Scalia discusses further over at First Things, you can feel the chill yourself.

[The administration's vision entails] Inclusion and acceptance for all Americans, except those unreasonable folk who insist upon making a distinction between “acceptance” and “approval,” or who believe that the definition of marriage as it has been understood for thousands of years is still relevant. Those Americans, even if they do great things for the poor, and work to end human slavery in the 21st century–like Pastor Giglio and, for that matter, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops—are not included in “this administration’s vision.”

A vision, it must be remembered, that is just about eight-months old and involved a presidential “evolution over time” that will not be permitted to anyone else. The president’s May 2012 epiphany was apparently a messianic one, which would be for all the people, and those straggling or haggling over issues of sin and natural law are meant to either get with the program or feel a chill wind that will only blow harder the longer they remain outside.

When someone else's definition of "good speech" replaces free speech, that's where soft tyranny begins and liberty ends.  

Unfortunately, Pastor Louie Giglio had to learn the hard way that what Obama doesn't like, liberals will silence or destroy...