Thousands in France March To Protect Marriage

The roots of Christendom run deeper than some in France ever imagined:

The opposition to President Francois Hollande’s plan has underscored divisions among the secular-but-Catholic French, especially in more traditional rural areas versus urban enclaves. But while polls show the majority of French still support legalizing gay marriage, that backing gets more lukewarm when children come into play.

The protest march started at three points across Paris, filling boulevards throughout the city as demonstrators walked six kilometers (3 miles) to the grounds of France’s most recognizable monument. Paris police estimated the crowd at 340,000, making it one of the largest demonstrations in Paris since an education protest in 1984.

Turnout like this rivals the annual March for Life each January in Washington D.C. where estimates have run well over 400,000 for the last few years.

Separated from the liberal media, such turnout almost gives one hope.  Even without the branches, the roots still run strong.