Muslims Demand Schools Close for Muslim Holidays

In another instance of kowtowing to every special holiday in the book, Muslims in Montgomery County, MD are now demanding that public schools be closed in observance of Eid al-Adha.

Board members said that while they wouldn’t close schools now for another religious holiday, student and staff attendance on Muslim holidays would be tracked to see if that move made sense in the future.

Muslims leaders asked that their holidays be given the same treatment as Christian and Jewish holidays, when schools are closed. They were especially seeking recognition of Eid al-Adha, a holy day that falls in mid-October next year.

...and of course it's not just a day.  It's a four day Islamapalooza celebrating the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his first born son Ishmael, where the angel of God stayed Abraham's hand and the prophet sacrificed a ram instead.


Not Issac, as the Judeo Christian tradition teaches.  

Of course, this raises all sorts of other questions.  For instance, how's about all the Jewish holy days?  Can we get them off too?  What about all the Christian holy days we miss?  Can we get Eid al-Adha working for us for a change?  

What about Lent?  ALL OF IT.

Good Friday, the complaint of many a Catholic forced to go to work or school?  

...or the entire Easter season?  Pentecost?  Vesak (or "Buddha Day") and Confucius' Birthday?!?!  

Let's be honest here -- this isn't about Islamic holy days.  In the past, Montgomery County was very clear that "holy days" were offered as days off based on student absenteeism and the actual observance of the day itself -- not on the whims of pressure groups.  

But to close an entire school system for a handful of students?  A tad bit extreme.