Outrage as Governor Jerry Brown Paves Way for Blatant Homosexual Promotion

Anaheim, California (July 14th, 2011) — “It is an outrage that Governor Jerry Brown has opened the classroom door for homosexual activists to indoctrinate the minds of California’s youth, since no factual materials would be allowed to be presented,” said Rev. Louis Sheldon, chairman and founder of Traditional Values Coalition (TVC). “By signing SB 48 today, California’s classrooms, textbooks and instructional materials will all become pro-homosexual promotion tools.  If parents don’t already have their children out of public schools, this should cause them to remove them.”

Senate Bill 48, authored by homosexual State Senator Mark Leno, Democrat of San Francisco, is being called the “Fair, Accountable, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act” or FAIR Act. But there is nothing fair, accountable, inclusive or respectful about it. This bill is so far-reaching into the structure of California’s education system that it is possible its harmful effects could be never-ending.

SB 48 would amend current Education Code sections to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender to the list of categories to be covered in all textbooks and instructional materials. These new textbooks and instructional materials would apply to ALL subjects in curriculum and to ALL grades K-12.

Sheldon added: “SB 48 was priority number 1 for Traditional Values Coalition. We committed all the resources we had to try to make sure that SB 48 failed. We are talking about molesting the minds of young impressionable youth, as young as Kindergarten, with an agenda and message that is not age-appropriate and that is offensive to the values of a vast majority of California’s families.”

Traditional Values Coalition’s Legislative Analyst and Advocate Benjamin Lopez, who attended and testified at every hearing for SB 48 in the State Legislature had the following to say:

“Parents need to understand that SB 48 infiltrates every aspect of their child’s education. The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyles will be presented in workbooks, textbooks and every supplemental material in a positive way and in a blatant way that promotes them as mainstream. It’s no longer solely boys and girls, just one more lifestyle choice that children should explore.

“Gender roles would no longer just mean male and female. Lesbians and gays would be classified as ethnic groups just like Latinos, Asians, and Blacks; which is something the US Supreme Court has refused to do. And all of this would have to be presented in one way and one way only…as positive lifestyles to try, engage in, accept and embrace. Students with another point of view would be victimized for sharing their objections to these lifestyles; even factual information. This bill is an affront to true education and to the values parents instill in their kids at home.

We have failed at our core educational mission and yet we are now going to inject gay studies into the classrooms. It’s absurd and offensive.”


Traditional Values Coalition is an interdenominational and multi-racial public policy organization speaking on behalf of 43,000 churches nationwide and 8,300 churches in California.  For further information about Traditional Values Coalition please call Benjamin Lopez at (714) 520-0300.