TVC Condemns Gov. Brown’s Signing of Transgender Bathroom & Shower Bill for California Schools
Anaheim CA (August 12th, 2013) -- “The absurd and unthinkable will become reality thanks to Governor Jerry Brown signing the transgender and cross-dressing bathroom and shower bill into law today,” warned Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman and Founder of the Traditional Values Coalition.

“While we have great compassion for these psychologically unhealthy children,what about the rights of dozens if not hundreds of psychologically healthy children?

“We know time and again the fluidity of those who decide to change their sex and then change it back. Gender identity by the admission of its own proponents changes frequently, even day by day, with interests that fluctuate depending on time and circumstance. Their DNA is far more consistent, and individuals will always be male or female.

“Instead, the State of California will now encourage youth as young as 5 years old to question their sex and gender. The lines will be forever blurred now that any youth can use any bathroom or locker room or play on any team they feel like. You can theoretically have an all-girls softball team made up of biological boys. This bill is absurd and mere lunacy. There was no public demand for this bill. Brown has cemented the adage that ‘California is the land of fruits and nuts.’”

Traditional Values Coalition was a lead voice in opposition to Assembly Bill 1266, which will now require school districts to allow any youth who merely perceives themselves to be the opposite gender and sex to use shower, bathroom and locker room facilities with the sex they feel or dress like. Further, all sports programs in California schools will now have to include transgender and cross-dressing youth on their teams. AB 1266 applies to all grades, K-12.