Boy Scouts of America Betrays Its Own Oath

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Traditional Values Coalition president Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement in the wake of the news that the Boy Scouts of America after incredible pressure by pro-homosexual groups chose to allow openly gay young men into their ranks:

"While the Boy Scouts may see a compromise, the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-questioning (LGBTQ) left is already doubling down and insisting they will get the rest and push for gay scoutmasters.

"The lesson is simple.  If you stand for nothing you fall for anything.  The Boy Scout Oath insists on a morally straight life.  That oath, which has been upheld for over 100 years, has been emptied out into a meaningless and vapid nod.

"Now that the Boy Scouts of America have become sexualized, how many parents will simply walk away from scouting altogether?  How many churches will now be forced by conscience to end their affiliation with the Boy Scouts?  Will this now include children struggling with "gender identity" issues?  What about transgendered scouts?  Transgendered scoutmasters?

"Let's be clear as to why this change has come about.  There was no grassroots groundswell to change the nature of scouting.  This was an orchestrated political attack against one of the last moral institutions left in America.  They will not stop at gay youth, and it will be only a matter of time before gay scoutmasters are either allowed or imposed by the courts. 

"This is the lesson of compromising your moral values.  When we replace virtue with vice, we lose a little bit of America every time.  The Boy Scouts of America can be placed on the same funeral pyre of institutions that have caved into the times rather than remained steadfast."