Obama Apology Tour Continues: $70,000 Ad Buy to Sooth Islamist Hate

Washington D.C. (September 21, 2012) -- TVC president Andrea Lafferty issued the following statement regarding the $70,000 video apology from the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan:

"Once again, the Obama administration cannot help itself.  The apology tour continues.

"In 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kicked off this alien concept of religious toleration versus long-standing American notions of free expression and freedom of religion.

"President Obama and Secretary Clinton both have felt compelled to spend $70,000 apologizing to terrorists in Pakistan for feeling offended by a video.  As if our embassies weren't attacked by Islamists in an era before YouTube during the Carter era?

"Yet contrast this hypocrisy with the news today that "Piss Christ" is coming back to New York City -- a taxpayer funded offense to Christians everywhere with Christ in a jar of his own urine.

"Will Christians burn down museums?  Will State Department officials become the targets of violence?  Will protests spontaneously break out across America and around the globe?  Will Obama apologize to Christians and preach about religious toleration and the right not to be offended?

"We know the answer to all of these questions.  Christians do not inspire violent acts, because Western civilization repudiates violence as a means of expression.  Likewise, Obama will never cease to apologize for Islamist violence, and therefore this administration does more to incite violence against Christians and American personnel because Islamists know that it works.

"There can be no religious tolerance without religious freedom -- our first right.  Free expression is a guarantee no government should restrict through the techniques of shaming and peer pressure.  Violence in the name of any secular or religious movement must be condemned unequivocally.  Americans deserve better than the hypocrisy and dangerous precedent being established by the Obama administration today."


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