Sequestration: Know The Facts

Sequestration is coming.

TVC's Capitol Hill staff is up-to-the-minute collecting all the latest information on the effects of the sequester, the likelihood of it coming to pass, and what it wil mean for working families.

The most important graph you can see today?  This one right here from Veronique de Rugy over at National Review Online:

While sequestration does not immediately fix the budget, it is a temporary wake-up call to America that the nation is dangerously spending itself off a cliff.  

The cuts total $1.2 trillion dollars over the next 9 years -- which if one considers savings on interest, total to about $100 billion in spending cuts (not budget cuts necessarily, but spending cuts) evenly split between defense spending and domestic discretionary spending.

TVC will continue to update and outline the true costs of the sequester, and make further recommendations where the federal government can reform and reprioritize in these tough economic times.