ENDA Hurts Kids

S. 815/H.R. 1755, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), is radical legislation that hurts kids and forces schools to hire or retain transgendered teachers in every school district in America -- granting them protected minority status. ENDA is also a clear violation of the religious liberties and rights of conscience of Christian business owners.  

Unfortunately, there are several instances dotted across America where school systems have not only tossed aside parental concerns about transgender teachers making the transition from male to female (or vice versa), they have forced both parents and students to recognize this transition as normal.

Congressional proponents have cloaked ENDA as a non-controversial civil rights bill, enjoying the support of several Members of Congress and the American people.  

They are wrong. Most Members of Congress have no clue how bad this bill is.  Even more have no idea that ENDA will force employers to hire transgenders as a “protected class” -- much less what it will do to religious liberty and to children if signed into law.  Moreover, the constitutional violations in this bill are so great that they cannot be amended away.  

Children need a stable environment in which to learn -- ENDA deliberately threatens this.