Shariah Has a “Five Seconds” Rule For Urine
October 17, 2011 ~ 0 comments

Ready for this?  Most folks when talking about shariah discuss it almost in the same vein as the Ten Commandments -- just a normal set of rules that guide your everyday living.

Like when you should and shouldn’t drink urine.

He (Ibn Hazm), moreover, allows a person who urinates in a stagnant water to drink, not to wash or make wudu', from it as long as its colour, smell, and taste are not changed by urine. 

Don’t worry.  You shouldn’t wash your hands in it…

You probably don’t want to do this, either…

So detailed is this interpretation of the Islamic law that it goes into great detail on whether one can ritually wash oneself in standing water vs. running water contaminated with urine, or whether you can urinate in a jar first and then ritually wash yourself with stagnant water, then pour the contents together.  Worse -- shariah says you don’t have to tell anyone you urinated in the water…

Of course, this is way beyond the “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” esoteric that was criticized by the Reformation in the West.  It does go to show how narrowly these Islamic scholars and shariah have dictated how an individual should live their life, and how radically different (and absurd) the differences between Islam and other traditional faiths truly are.

We want this in America for what reason, again?