But If We Are Nice To Jihadists, They’ll Be Nice To Us…
October 14, 2011 ~ 0 comments

Anwar al-Awlaki, head of the Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda, was killed by an American drone.  Next to him during the attack was a young man by the name of Samir Khan -- editor of Insight, a magazine for al-Qaeda operatives and a key publication for the recruitment and radicalization of Islamic terror.  Khan’s publication even went so far as to teach readers how to build bombs and properly handle firearms.

Khan also happened to be an American citizen, an enemy combatant who penned an editorial entitled “I Am Proud To Be a Traitor To America” for his readers.

Both al-Awlaki and Khan were killed.  Rational observers -- including CNN -- applauded the strike.

Al-Jazeera cried for the dead terrorists.  What did the Obama Administration do?  The U.S. State Department reached out to Khan’s family with a “condolence call” on the death of their son.

Obama bows to Saudi kings.  Obama apologizes for killing jihadists.  Obama insists that “we are not at war with Islam.”

Yet Islam seems to be at war with us. 

On November 11th, 2011, TVC will be co-sponsoring the Preserving Freedom Conference in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss the nature of the Islamist threat, including the presence of shariah law in Islamic mosques and Islamic attempts to establish a “fifth column” here in the United States -- among our communities and against our Constitution. 

Please share with your friends and family and join us for this first-ever event. If homegrown terrorists such as Samir Khan are in towns such as Charlotte, North Carolina you can be assured that others are in mosques across the country with the same agenda, same tools, and same goals.  Make your reservations today!