September 11th: Eleven Years Later
September 11, 2012 ~ 0 comments

Perhaps it's time to be brutally honest.  Are the Islamists are winning the war on terrorism?

11 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and though in the first eight years we saw a policy of containment and the elimination of terrorist-sponsor states such as Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, today we see a far different world:

  • MOROCCO:  the Muslim Brotherhood forged a governing coalition that -- for the moment -- seems to be contained,
  • ALGERIA:  the Islamists have completed their iron grip over what was once considered to be a cosmopolitan and southern appendage of France,
  • TUNISIA:  Islamists have managed to incorporate shariah law into their constitution,
  • LIBYA:  the Muslim Brotherhood has successfully infiltrated every layer of society and is pushing for greater concessions in its near-loss in the elections last June,
  • EGYPT:  the Muslim Brotherhood has successfully wrested the nation from the hands of the Ba'athist leadership, and is currently in a staring contest with the military chiefs as missiles continue to rain upon southern Israel,
  • GAZA:  the Israelis continue to struggle with missile attacks, tunnels moving weapons to organizations such as Hamas, and the constant threat of terrorist activity,
  • LEBANON:  Hezbollah continues to ratchet up the rhetoric and rebuild after the 2006 Second Lebanon War as their Iranian financiers replenished their stores and prepare for a showdown with Israel,
  • SYRIA:  the Ba'athists are facing a coalition of Islamist elements seeking to replace the Assad regime with elements of the Muslim Brotherhood,
  • IRAQ:  after the American withdrawal, Shi'a elements are orchestrating a careful contest with the Sunni minority that holds the stability of the region in doubt,
  • SAUDI ARABIA:  the king has the privilege of an American president bowing at his feet...
  • IRAN:  weapons scientists come closer and closer towards building a nuclear weapon that can have only one target and one aim: Israel, and the destruction of the Jewish state.
  • PAKISTAN:  so-called moderate elements have been sacked in favor of a local warlords and a regime that only recently sanctioned the death penalty for a Christian girl of 14 -- later discovered to have been framed by a local Muslim cleric,
  • and in AFGHANISTAN, honor killings and other outrages continue as NATO forces seek to withdraw from the region.

When you consider that many of these developments occurred over the last four years alone, it can lead one to wonder whether we have forgotten the lessons of September 11th so quickly.

On the home front, we see a U.S. Department of Justice no longer willing to take on Islamist terrorism on the home front, whether it is challenging the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) or taking on the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). 

In Henrico County, Virginia the locality was forced to push through a mosque on a 5 acre track by the Department of Justice, under threat of legal action.

American courts are more frequently turning to Islamic shariah upon the request of the litigants.

In Oklahoma, anti-shariah legislation is being challenges as anti-Muslim bigotry (or worse).

The U.S. State Department has even gone so far as to align itself with the Islamists in preventing any criticism of Islam as a form of hate speech.

This is the new America just 11 years after September 11th.

Between the secularists who would prefer to ignore the Islamist threat, and the constant assaults of Islamists on the other side, the religious pluralism and rights of conscience Americans have traditionally enjoyed and defended are at stake. 

Vigilance is the best protector of our liberties.

...and we have lost a great deal of ground thanks to the laxity of the current administration and their policies of accommodating rather than engaging Islam.

Today is the day to remember the victims of September 11th.  Tomorrow is the day to remind ourselves that Islamist terror never sleeps, and continues to gain precious ground and gather strength.  We cannot and must not relax our guard if America's freedoms and liberties as we know them are to be preserved for our children and grandchildren.