Your Custom Made DNC/RNC Platform Committee Comparison Chart
August 22, 2012 ~ 0 comments

So the RNC Platform Committee is dialing down and the DNC Platform committee is revving up, though information is scant and the RNC hasn't quite printed the entire platform (yet) for the world to see.

So as a public service, TVC is offering the following comparison chart.  We'll update it as best we can with the most current information possible.

Issues  DNC Platform RNC Platform 
Abortion  Supports  Opposes -- no exceptions!
Anti-Shariah  Opposes (holding "Jummah at DNC" event to support Islamist shariah Supports 
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)  Will continue Obama administration policy*  Will defend DOMA as the law of the land 
Military as Social Experiment   Will continue Obama administration policy* Opposes 
Religious Liberty for Military Chaplains Will continue Obama administration policy* Supports the rights of religious liberty for military chaplains 
Repeal Obamacare   Will continue Obama administration policy* Supports 
Employee Non-Discrimination Act Will continue Obama administration policy*  n/a 

* in lieu of DNC Platform Committee information

Traditional Values Coalition will continue to update this information over the next few weeks.