RedState: Planned Parenthood Kills Young Woman, 24
July 24, 2012 ~ 0 comments

Not something you're going to see trumpeted in the mainstream media today, but Planned Parenthood find itself with more than just blood on its hands.  From RedState this morning:

My heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to the family members, including this young lady’s one-year-old son and her twin sister.  I genuinely hope that they will consider following through with requests for an investigation into any acts of negligence on the part of Planned Parenthood.

I’ve documented in other diaries (herehereherehere and here) how Planned Parenthood has basically been allowed to consider it’s actions as being above the law and why the organization is being permitted to get away with doing this.

The bottom line is, Planned Parenthood has a record of being an unsafe and dangerous place for women... nevermind being hostile to babies in the womb.

Please continue to pray for the victims of Planned Parenthood, and pray that lawmakers who subsidize Planned Parenthood to the tune of over $330 million will soften their hearts and end the taxpayer-fueled tragedy Planned Parenthood continues to inflict on women.