Social Security Goes Both Ways
June 20, 2013 ~ 0 comments

The latest and greatest news on the transgender front.  Having solved all of the worlds other problems, transgenders are now able to change their sexuality from male to female (or vice versa -- or both?) with the Social Security Administration:

This is a significant departure from the previous policy, which required documentation of complete sex reassignment surgery. Many trans people never undergo such procedures, either because they are too expensive, because they do not want to lose their procreative ability, or because it simply isn’t an important change for them to make to find authenticity in their identities. The SSA change eliminates this high standard for trans people to obtain the appropriate documentation for the gender that reflects how they live their daily lives.

Though Social Security cards do not display gender, the SSA does maintain that information as data, and it can impact other governmental programs. For example, individuals seeking coverage under Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income, or other public benefits could face complications if their gender markers do not match from form to form and identification to identification.

In short, another play to line up to the government trough -- nevermind the casual admission that most "transgenders" never go through with the actual act of a sex change... 

Confused?  Some of us are...