Virginia Won't Define Life; Maryland Redefines Marriage
February 24, 2012 ~ 0 comments

News surrounding the Beltway this morning comes from both sides of the Potomac.  In Virginia, the Republican-led Senate failed to define personhood on a 14-24 vote, much to the chargrin of national Democrats who have pledged to keep fundraising on the issue.

Meanwhile, last night in Maryland, the state legislature passed a bill 25-22 to legalize gay marriage.  The bill goes on to Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley for certain signature:

Maryland will become the eighth state to allow gay marriage when O'Malley - who sponsored the bill - signs the legislation. The Democrat made the measure a priority this session after it stalled last year.

"This issue has taken a lot of energy, as well it should, and I'm very proud of the House of Delegates and also the Senate for resolving this issue on the side of human dignity, and I look forward to signing the bill," O'Malley said in a brief interview after the Senate vote.

Opponents, though, have vowed to bring the measure to referendum in November. They will need to gather at least 55,726 valid signatures of Maryland voters to put it on the ballot and can begin collecting names now that the bill has passed both chambers.

Of course, what the homosexual and transgender community can't get through the courts -- they push through the legislatures.  What they cannot accomplish in the legislature, they do everything in their power to keep it out of the hands of the people.

Such is the experience in New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie perfectly exemplified how President Barack Obama is attempting to have this both ways:

Game.  Set.  Match.

Given the Obama administration's direct war on marriage, whether through attacking military chaplains' rights of conscience or refusing to defend DOMA, it's pretty clear which side he is on.  Obama can't afford to come out of the proverbial closet though... for fear of losing an election.

America's moral virtue runs pretty deep.  Despite the best efforts of this liberal government to affect that, the heavy hand of the Obama administration is no match for the Judeo-Christian values that inform the consciences of millions.

...which is why Obama is attempting to impose upon our rights.  

Truth is, the liberals now brag that they believe more strongly in their values than we believe in ours.  

Are they right?

If not, then Virginia and Maryland have set two very poor examples for our side.